Mr. McConechy – Grade 5

Welcome to The Grade 5 Page!

I am super excited to be the Grade 5 teacher here at Red Wing!!


I will be using this page to post any Grade 5 assignments that are due or were assigned. This page will inform you of any important up and coming dates.

Science: Both Group A and B:

  • In Science for Term One we will be focusing on Our Human Body Systems and how they work together to keep us healthy.


Social Studies:

  • Miss Sonya Tichkowsky will be teaching your child this year in Social Studies.

English Language Arts:

  • We are working on reading comprehension within our classroom. This year in Grade 5 we will be focusing a lot on reading strategies to help with overall comprehension.
  • Home Reading: Please make sure your child is reading at least 400 minutes a month. In order to become a better reader you have to be reading at school and at home. I would strongly encourage you to ask your child questions as they are reading to make sure they understand or comprehend what they are reading. Also, a great tip to check your child’s fluency is to have them read out loud to you. They do not have to read a chapter book, they could simply read a children’s book or even the newspaper. Reading out loud builds fluency and expressive reading!
  • With home reading, I would like you to or your child to write in how many minutes they read that night and then please initial it.

Physical Education:

  • We have gym on days 2, 4, and 5.
  • Please make sure to bring those gym clothes!!


  • Band is on days 1 and 4 make sure you have your instrument on those days!
  • Keep practising that instrument!!